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New Experiment–A Book Blog Directory

Toying with a new experiment at the moment.  I should really be doing Bookbabble episodes, and I may get to at least one today, but we’ll see how this one goes.  Hopefully good news on the testing, at the end of which would be the birth of a pretty exciting little site.  For me, at least.

Book Haul from Big Bad Wolf

It’s starting to get silly for me to go to bookshops when the warehouse sales offer such a delectable selection of books at a price that simply cannot be denied.

A regular paperback is approximately RM35.  I get these at RM8 each.  Some a little more, but nothing more than RM12 or RM15.

This haul was from Oct this year.

  • The Death of Bunny Munro, Nick Cave
  • Gentlemen of the Road, Michael Chabon
  • Busted Flush, George RR Martin, et al.
  • Lankhmar, Fritz Leiber
  • The Centauri Device, M John Harrison
  • The Boat, Nam Le
  • River of Gods, Ian M McDonald
  • The Dream Archipelago, Christopher Priest
  • Gateway, Frederick Pohl
  • Man in the Dark, Paul Auster

  • Heart-Shaped Box, Joe Hill
  • Once on a Moonless Night, Dai Sijie
  • A Colossal Failure of Common Sense, Larry McDonald
  • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Robert A Heinlein
  • The Penelopiad, Margaret Atwood
  • Beijing Coma, Ma Jian
  • King Rat, China Mieville
  • Scar Night, Alan Campbell
  • The Sorrows of an American, Siri Hustvedt
  • Cowboy Angels, Paul McAuley

Lois McMaster Bujold’s Entire Vorkosigan Series Back Catalogue for Free from Baen

One of my absolutely favourite authors, Lois McMaster Bujold (whom I’ve reviewed before, if you’re interested), has released the entire gamut of her back catalogue of her vaunted Vorkosigan Saga as ebooks.  This includes her highly anticipated (some say long overdue) latest installment of the Miles Vorkosigan series of books called Cyroburn, “all of it beautifully unencrypted and unencumbered.”

The collection, called the Cyroburn CD, is distributed with the first edition hardcover of Cyroburn.  You can also get it from

This isn’t the first time Baen pulled something like this.  David Weber, author of the Honor Harrington series, also released his entire Honor Harrington back catalogue with the release of his latest (at the time) first edition hardcovers in a CD.

But Bujold.  I approach her work with a little trepidation every time, because it’s a guaranteed time sink.  I know I will get sucked in.  This release has me absolutely delirious.

Books are not all there is on this CD.  Oh no.

Also on this disk are interviews with author Lois McMaster Bujold, and various other interesting tidbits including a sample of the French language Miles Vorkosiagn graphic novel! More than fourteen novels for free—and with no stupid codes to work around. Think of that.

Baen explains this particular effort:

Why are we being so generous? Simple: we think the more people who read Ms. Bujold’s works the more people will buy them. Say, one set of hardcovers for yourself, a set of paperbacks to lend out, possibly even the next ebook when it comes out. And if you like the Vorkosiverse, we’re pretty sure you’ll like other Baen books, too.

Uhm, about the ‘other Baen books’ part.  Now Baen isn’t the most prominent sf publishing house out there, and carrying John Ringo doesn’t help.  Baen’s output has a certain signature to them that exude a certain sense of B-gradedness you can almost see.  But they do have a very nice selection of good authors, and for me, Bujold is definitely one of the best.

Be that as it may, Baen has been on the forefront of the ebook publishing movement, and I’ve always cited them as a source worth checking out.  But this move is bold and unexpected.  The Baen Free Library usually holds back the really acclaimed books, but the full Vorkosigan catalogue from a Hugo and Award winning author?

I’ve been saying for years that if you haven’t yet sampled Bujold, you have to start and give yourself a treat.

If you don’t want to download the whole CD, and want to try the books individually, go to and download them in the ebook format of your choice.

I cannot recommend Bujold enough.  Go get Cordelia’s Honor first and get started!

[Update 13 Dec 2010]

I just wanted to update that contrary to what I said in my post, note that there’s one novel from the Vorkosigan Saga that’s *not* included in the CD, and that’s Memory.

I searched the book listings and gone through the omnibus editions that are included for this CD, but unfortunately this book just isn’t there.

So it’s not the *complete* back catalogue.  However, I have the actual dead-tree version of Memory, so I, at least, have the full set.  I’m still happy.