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Contact by Carl Sagan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Excellent book. Asks the questions on religion, and Sagan cleverly turns it on its head in this wonderful tale. Ends with a conundrum that neither answers nor completely ignores the existence of a higher being. One would almost say Sagan intentionally left the question unanswered, because truly, would it be possible that we would be able to communicate to extraterrestrials which by definition would be more advanced than humankind, and what kind of contact would it be? Wouldn’t it be akin to magic? And therefore be subject to faith? A very hopeful book.

I saw the film and absolutely loved it (Foster was amazing in it, and it’s truly a testament to her powers that she completely, and I mean completely, dwarfs McConaughey’s performance. The contrast was almost painful to watch). The book has more details that the film changed, and the book is still different enough to warrant a read. Recommended.

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