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Fairest: In All the Land
Fairest: In All the Land by Bill Willingham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A detective story! I love those, and this one is fun. Fables is one of only a several comics I follow closely, and Willingham has done a great job with the franchise. I love the Fables books, and this one is really almost a standalone.

Actually, let’s talk about that. It positions itself like a standalone, but if you’re not up to date with the Fables stories, some of the references to the happenings when this story is told will be lost on you. I got a little irritated with that, simply because I could have had an option of skipping on this book. Having read this though, it filled in so many gaps that had been hinted at in the main series, but come to pass in this book (i.e Snow White getting killed with a knife through the heart, etc). I would be unhappy to learn some key moments in the narrative have been plonked into a book not even hinted at being _important_.

Anyway, read it I did, and I loved the story. The pacing is as usual very snappy, and everything (almost) tied up in the end. Very satisfying.

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