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At long, long last, Under Heaven has arrived!

My autographed copy of Guy Gavriel Kay’s Under Heaven has finally arrived yesterday, after many many months.  I’ve been planning this since mid Feb 2010, so to finally get this is great!  A friend (hey Tim!) has kindly offered to meet Kay personally during Kay’s book tour stop at Frye Festival in Moncton, New Brunswick on Apr 20, 2010.

Let me just say, when your favourite author signs something made out in your name, it’s a pretty darn good feeling.

Kay apparently doesn’t take instructions very well.  I wanted him to write “To Donny, don’t worry, I’ll go to Malaysia… eventually!” but according to Tim he listened, bobbed his head, and wrote “To Donny, All Best Wishes, Guy Kay”.  Even though Tim wrote my requested inscription out on a piece of card.  Unacceptable, really.  It simply means I’ll have to get his next book autographed again.


I have really high hopes for this one, because World Fantasy Award-winning Ysabel did not tweak my buttons too much.

Anxious anticipation for Under Heaven

Those who know me know I’m as close to a sucker for Guy Gavriel Kay as a leech is to a juicy exposed human foot (you know, when you’re hiking in a tropical forest reserve).  I was over the moon when I found out he was doing a new novel, and it’s finally upon us.  Under Heaven is due out this week in Canada, and I’m going to be getting my grubby hands on it the moment I see it on the shelves.

I just (literally seconds ago) finished the first chapter of Under Heaven, courtesy of Penguin Canada.  I don’t want to judge an entire book from 28 pages of what is essentially a teaser, but let me just say that this is a fabulous return to form from his previous efforts Ysabel (which won the World Fantasy Award, so what the hell do I know, right?) and Last Light of the Sun.  The writing is luscious and the pace deliciously, dare I say it, languid.  A lot of the details in dynastic China seems quite spot on so far, but Kay always has an out, as he mentions in interviews; he’s not writing a story set in Tang Dynasty China, he’s writing a story inspired by Tang Dynasty China.


All I know is, after reading this chapter, I envy the bastards with the Advance Reader Copies (ARCs), and I want the bloody book in my hands now.