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Heard so much about this supposed writer’s bible. I have this pegged as a TBP in Book Depository for some time now, but imagine my surprise at finding this laying about in a Borders stand at a boutique literary festival over the weekend. Picked it up in a heartbeat, and it’s beautiful. A beautiful small book.

As I peruse through Maira Kalman’s illustrations in this edition, I keep thinking back to my secondary school days. Kalman’s art, while quirky and infuses a little colour to the proceedings, is minimalistic, with little regard for realism or rules of perspectives. For a book of etiquette and writing rules, I thought it ironic that it’s illustrated with graphics that doesn’t conform to formal structure. And I keep thinking about whether if I submitted anything remotely resembling Kalman’s work here for my art class back in my school days whether it’ll be accepted at all.