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Feed by Mira Grant
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I just came out of Patient Zero not too long ago, and truth be told a little exhausted over the entire living dead as a genre. I even have several volumes of The Walking Dead by Kirkman sitting unread in my Comixology pile.

However this book came recommended by fellow Bookbabbler Marcel, and I have heard some good things about this book. It’s the apocalypse wrapped around with politics and Web 2.0. News transmitted via blogs are gaining traction in the post-zombie world, where traditional media is viewed with skepticism and distrust. The story follows a trio of bloggers as they are recruited into the press corp team for a senator in his run up to become the Republican nominee for the presidential ticket. They stumble upon a conspiracy that soon threatens them in their pursuit of the truth.

The politics of both the national nature as well as the blogging scene was very interestingly fleshed out. The characters were a little uneven, but the story rolled along at a nice, clip pace. Writing is average, and the sheer amount of times the characters get jabbed for blood samples in order to test if they were infected was bordering on disturbing.

Maybe if I weren’t already so jaded out by zombies it would have gotten a slightly more enthusiastic reaction, but as it is, as objectively as I can, I thought it was an interesting read. A departure from the usual tropes, and that for some is enough justification for a read. It certainly was interesting enough for me to like it despite my trepidation.

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