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Been watching several episodes of Arrow, and several things came to mind:

  • It’s not a bad show. It starts off well enough, and is done in an interesting way with good action.
  • If you’re binge watching, as I was, especially several episodes in a row, you’ll notice some inconsistencies when it comes to the character’s behaviour, especially for Thea and Oliver.
  • Oliver comes back from the island all serious at first, but then deciding he needs a cover so as not to be suspected for a vigilante, attempts to play up his former playboyish tendencies. However the transition from irresponsible skirt-chasing brat to serious crimebuster and back again is not convincing, and his family seem like idiots not to pickup the fact that he’s super serious in one scene, and playing dumb in another. I suppose this wouldn’t be noticed as much if you watch the episodes in the way it was intended – with a week’s gap in between, time enough for your memory to glaze over minor details.
  • Thea is one of the most inconsistent character here – she seems centred and matured on episode, then brattish on another.
  • There’s a scene in one of the earlier episodes where Oliver fools Diggle to try locked door before gets him into a stranglehold, in order for him to escape Oliver’s own party to fight crime elsewhere. Amazingly, there was no explanation on the effect the stunt Oliver pulled had on Diggle, and the next time they both appeared on screen together it seemed as though nothing has happened. I’d have expected Diggle to have fought and gotten into Oliver’s face for that, because as at that time Oliver hasn’t yet revealed his secret to Diggle, but no. This was super strange and bugged me.
  • I’m not convinced on superheroes on TV. They’ve upped the smoothness factor by improving production quality, but if you take all that away it’s still almost campy. I wasn’t all in for Agents of SHIELD either, and stopped at Episode 5 for that one.

As I write this I seem to have broken the spell Arrow had on me. I’m on episode 10, and I think I’m pretty much done. I’ll move on to something else.