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Candide by Voltaire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wonderful, side-splittingly funny. There are so many quotes here that I need to relook at the book and highlight them, and likely miss most of it.

I’m not intellectually equipped to articulate the social commentary that is Candide, and any remarks I make about the critic that despises everything (one of the funniest parts of the book – the one who ‘finds pleasure in not finding pleasure’) as well as Candide, who delightfully ‘finds everything so surprising’, as remarked by Cacambo, will miss the point. Any attempts I may make about how our circumstances is not really the best end result of some pie-in-the-sky universal causality, will fall flat and sound pretentious and meaningless.

So I will only say what I cannot refute, which is that this work made me laugh out loud so many times I have to give it 4 stars. The missing star is probably because it wasn’t as long as Don Quixote. Which may actually warrant it 6 stars, I don’t know.

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