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Daredevil Legends, Vol. 2: Born Again
Daredevil Legends, Vol. 2: Born Again by Frank Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s almost perfect. Karen Page is apparently now a complete junkie, who sells the identity of DD to a pusher for a fix, and this info gets all the way up to the Kingpin. And the Kingpin orchestrates a really clever deconstruction of Matt Murdock’s life, and how Matt climbs back up.

It’s didn’t cover the way Matt’s life changed back to normal (because it doesn’t), but it begs the reading of subsequent issues because you kinda want to know what happens after this. Which this book doesn’t tell you (it ran out of pages!).

Frank’s DD work is great stuff, indeed. Gimme more Miller Daredevil!

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