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Economics (3rd Edition): Making Sense of the Modern Economy
Economics (3rd Edition): Making Sense of the Modern Economy by The Economist
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s supposed to Make Sense of the Modern Economy, but for me it’s Making No Sense of the Modern Economy. Sorry, but this is diving into the deep end, this book.

I have no background in economics beyond some Ariely, Levitt/Dubner and an occasional book about the collapse of CDO-backed securities triggering shockwaves across Wall Street and the world.

To say I learned nothing would be inaccurate, yet I can’t say I learned a lot either. A lot flowed right past. I learned economics is simply a map with which we can use to try to make sense of the world. However it’s at best an estimation, and at worse a wild buckshot in the dark with the nozzle pointed at humanity. Despite the best theories the securities bust happened, crises happened and will continue to happen. So it’s really an examination of the various factors that influence the development of a nation.

This book bears a re-read, but hopefully when I’m more well-stocked on more econs fundamentals. I’m giving it 3 stars because it’s not the book’s fault that I didn’t learn as much as I could out of this, simply because I’m a curious passer-by, not an econs major.

Having said this, I hope my subconscious retained enough to allow me to whip out random info to be entertaining in parties.

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